Friday, December 23, 2011

Safco Mobile File Cart Review

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Good Morning Crafty Friends!

I wanted to show you all a great gift I got for my birthday from my wonderful husband.  It's a Safco Mobile File Cart to help keep your various 8x8 cardstock/papers AND your 12x12 stacks organized and at your fingertips. Here it is just put together.  Doesn't look that helpful, right?

Well, if you buy this, be sure to also purchase, at the same time, some of the Cropper Hopper hanging file folders that will hold your 12x12 stacks/papers.  The cart will be useless (and pointless) without them.  Here it is with the Cropper Hopper folders as well as regular, letter-sized, hanging file folders.

The Cropper Hopper files come 6 to a package.  I only ordered 1 package, but definitely need another one as I still have quite a few 12x12 stacks that need to be added. 

I love, love, love that it has wheels!  It's so easy to maneuver to wherever you need it!  I like the shelf on the bottom as well to hold my new 12x12 kit purchases.  They sit here, anxiously awaiting opening.  :)

So if you get a little extra moolah for Christmas this year and need a better way to organize your papers and have them at your fingertips, I would highly recommend this!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I was just thinking about something like this yesterday! I have scraps & some stickers in a large container under my scrapbooking/craft table. Was looking at this large container and thinking I needed something better to store them. I have back problems, so really need to get them out of container and up off floor so not only can I see them better. I could get to them without the "pain" of leaning over!
    Thanks for the info!!!