Monday, April 29, 2013

Publix, a "Grandpa," and a Birthday!

I don't like going grocery shopping.  Didn't like it when I was single.  Still didn't like it after I was married.  Especially don't like it having to tote 2 kids along now.  However, since I have to grocery shop, there's no place I'd rather do it at than PUBLIX!  We heart Publix for so many reasons.  The main reason, however, is the employees and how friendly and helpful they are...genuinely and consistently!  (Trust me, you don't get that at least not our Kroger!)

In particular, we love Mr. Boyd!  Mr. Boyd is like a grandpa to Olivia!  He sacks our groceries and always takes them out to our car for us.  He is so sweet and kind and adores Olivia.  Of course, he has many Publix "grandchildren" that he has adopted, but I like to think that Olivia is his favorite! :)

During holidays like Valentine's and Easter when they have special displays right as you walk in the door, Olivia will see a stuffed animal she likes, squeal about it and then carry it around the store with her until it's time to go and she has to put it back (after hugs and kisses, of course).  On 2 occasions, Mr. Boyd has purchased said stuff animals for her after we have left and has given them to her on our next trip into the store.  I mean, what store employee has ever done that for your kids?!

Tuesday (tomorrow) is Mr. Boyd's birthday.  I was told he loves getting cards on his birthday.  Hmmm...who do I know who makes cards???  Oh yeah, ME! :)  But it has to be a really special, meaningful card.  Don't you just love it when you've got just the right thing already on hand?!  I know I was sure happy when I looked at my Fresh Squeezed Stamps "Breath of Fresh Flair" set and saw that shopping cart!  I couldn't get this card made fast enough! :)

Mr. Boyd definitely puts love into our cart (and hearts) every time we see him!  We hope he truly has a blessed and wonderful birthday!

Go get your Publix on!

Supplies Used:
Fresh Squeezed Stamps "Breath of Fresh Flair" (shopping cart)

Fresh Squeezed Stamps" Soda-Lighted" (sentiment)
Basic Grey "Clippings"
Vintage Photo

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  1. This is a great card!! Mr. Boyd sounds really sweet.