Monday, November 11, 2013

2013 Caring Hearts Drive

I'm so go glad I came across this 2013 Caring Hearts Drive over on Ling's Design Studio!  I make more Christmas cards each year than I send.  Mostly because I love making Christmas cards and get carried away and also because I usually end up sending one of those picture cards that are too big to include with a homemade size card.  So I have tons of Christmas cards just sitting in a box.  And now they can have a wonderful home!

I just stamped an inside sentiment and a short hand-written message and signed 45 Christmas cards.  That's just the start.  I'm sure I'll be adding to that before I ship these off in the next couple weeks!

I hope you'll take a moment to check it out and take part, even if you only have a couple cards to send!

If prizes motivate you (not kidding, it was a little motivator here), check out the long list of prizes which will be awarded!  That's a lot of winners!  And that's going to be a lot of touched folks in nursing homes receiving handmade Christmas cards!  Don't you just wish you could see their faces?

What are you waiting for...go get your Christmas card craft on for folks who need a special lift this Christmas!

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