Saturday, June 14, 2014

Shoes, Food and a Budget...But No Card

I know this is my "crafting" blog, but alas no crafting has been done of far as cards go.  My daughter and I have been making paper snowflakes, however, for her upcoming "Frozen" birthday party.  Perhaps more on that in a later post.

But I just feel like you're dying to know what's been going on with my week, since I'm not crafting and all.  So here's a bit of randomness of what's been happening...maybe you'll find something useful!

Dress shoes (my size!) for $3 on Wal-Mart clearance rack!  They look just like these, except mine are a few sizes larger (please refrain from all Big Foot jokes)!  They go with everything!

Goodwill shopping with a sweet friend (and awesome seamstress) to find the perfect items to make an Elsa dress for my daughter's 6th birthday party.  Found the perfect items, quickly!  She's already got the dress put together and it looks amazing!  (Shhh, don't tell my daughter--if you know her--it's a surprise).

Finding Raspberry Tea K-cups, finally!

7 stores in 3 hours with no kids!  Would have taken me 2 days with kids!

Coupon scores galore!  I heart couponing!

Salt & Vinegar crusted chicken with homemade french onion dip!  The most yummiest thing I have ever made!

YNAB!  The most amazing budget software EVER!  I was never able to keep on a budget until this!  I can't say enough about how it's changed our financial life for the better!  No more stressing about money...for reals!  So excited about this!

Have a great weekend!

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