Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun and Easy Embellishments

Today I want to show you a couple new paper crafts I've been making that are so fun, cute and most importantly, easy!  First, of course, a Pinwheel!  These things are so cute!

You need to use double-sided paper.  If you have super cute paper you want to use and it's not double-sided, you can always glue two sheets together, back-to-back.  These are made with double-sided Christmas paper.  I am going to use these as bows for my Christmas presents this year!  Here's a tutorial to get you going on making some for yourself. 

Second are these adorable folded flowers.  I saw these in one of those Hobby Lobby project inspiration sheets.  They are free and they're everywhere next to different products to show you ideas on how to use those products.  It didn't give the instructions, so I figured it out myself.  And surprisingly, they turned out just like the picture!
Again, you need double-sided paper.  Get a circle punch and punch out at least 6 circles.  I'm using a 2" punch for this tutorial.  I also used my Martha Stewart Scoring Board to put a little score as a guide to folding over each edge. BTW, LOVE my Martha Stewart Scoring Board.  I have no idea how I managed so long without one!
You then just fold over each side, one overlapping the other.

Then you take your Crop-A-Dile and punch a hole in each of them near the tip.  Just got me a Crop-A-Dile last week and I LOVE it!  It has 2 different hole punch sizes and you can set eyelets with one easy squeeze!
Then select a brad of choice and put each one on and then spread them out to form your flower!
You could also distress the edges with some distressing ink or even use decorative edge scissors.  The possibilities are endless!

Hope you enjoyed...Happy Crafting!

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