Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paper Addict - Simple Stories "Happy Days"

I'm addicted to paper.  There, I admitted it.  However, I don't think any of my fellow paper crafters would be too surprised, as it's a super common problem, so I'm seeing on other blogs.  I used to give my mom a hard time for having tons and tons of material for all her sewing projects...and always buying more when we would hit the craft/fabric stores.  Now I get it.  There are so many cute patterns out there...it's hard not to buy them up when you get the chance...both for fabric and paper.  (Especially when 6x6 stacks are half off like they were at Hobby Lobby last week!)  So what I'd like to do in my "Paper Addict" posts is feature a stack that I have found and love and show you some cards/projects I made with them.  Then you can add it to your "must get" paper list.

The stack I'm featuring today is Simple Stories "Happy Day" design.  Love it!  Here are a few cards.

First is a "Happy Day" card, which I made as a Birthday Card for my niece, and oh look, pennants! :)

 Next, we have a birthday card for my nephew, with, what's that?  Pinwheels! :)

Here's a closer look at the card.
And then we have a "First Birthday" card for my great-niece.
And lastly, we have a fabulous "Let's Party" card (with pinwheel) for no one in particular right now.
So do you love this paper?!  And can you kind of get an idea of where I came up with the name for my blog?  Yes, I love pennants and pinwheels and since the other names I had come up were already taken, Pennants & Pinwheels it is! :)

Any other paper addicts out there?  What's your favorite thing to make with paper or fabric?

Happy Crafting!


  1. Woo Hoo!!! Do I get the prize for leaving the first comment???????????????

    I think I'm doing something wrong on the pinwheel. I don't think mine turned out quite as lovely as yours!!! I'll have to study your pictures closer to see where I'm going wrong.

  2. Aunt Donna, you are so sweet to be my first follower and first commenter! I'm sure your pinwheel turned out just fine! But you can have one of mine as a prize! :)

  3. YAY!......and the pinwheel really didn't turn out fine. I'm going to take a look at the tutorial in your 9/26 post.