Monday, October 3, 2011

Border Tape Cards

Good Monday morning!

A while back I bought a couple different packs of border tape because they were on clearance and also because they were so cute!  I got 2 packs with 5 different coordinated tapes in each.

However, every time I went to try to use them on a card, I could never get it to "fit" with the rest of the card.  But they were each so cute, I wanted to use them all on the same card.  So I did.  It's like making a scrap paper card only with border tape instead of scrap paper.  It's so much quicker with the border tape being self adhesive!  Here are my two cards, one with each set of border tape.
It doesn't get any easier and quicker than this.  I am on a mission to buy LOTS more border tape! :)

Happy Crafting!

1 comment:

  1. Those are cute! BTW, as I was trying to organize my ribbon stash (yeah, right) on Friday, I came across a package of border tape that I bought a while back. It was on sale (of course). I'll have to try a border tape card!
    Also, Marjorie told me about a cute baby card that she had rec'd. The style of the card is "waterfall card". Google waterfall card to see pics and a tutorial. I told her that it sounded like something you would like to try.......I told her that I like the "easy stuff".