Thursday, October 20, 2011

Create: Card Challenge Entry Card

I'm entering a card into the Create: Cards Challenge.  They want you to incorporate the Chevron pattern into a card.  The only Chevron pattern I have is in the form of Whisker Graphics Chevron Bitty Bags in hot pink.  So I decided to incorporate the bag on the card as a holder of a "Thanks" tag.
The hot pink of the Chevron was a little too "hot" for the rest of the card which had more muted pinks, so I waded up the bitty bag and added some distress ink to the crease lines to grunge it up a bit.  I have the worst lighting, so here's a couple more pics in case it helps.
It still didn't "mesh" as well as I'd like, so I ditched that card and tried to come up with something else.

IDEA!  Cut ribbon into a chevron pattern and put on card.
Um, no!

IDEA!  Use some Indie Flag Banners in a chevron pattern on a card.  Just peel and stick, baby!

Cute, but not sure if it would be considered "chevron" enough!

IDEA!  Re-read contest rules and see if it HAS to be a card.  Because if not, I'll just make some chevron bitty bags as tag holders.
But it has to be a card.  Looks like I'll go with the Indie Flag Banner card.  Here's hoping!

It might be a while before I enter another card challenge! :)

Happy Crafting!

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