Monday, October 31, 2011

The QuicKutz Squeeze

Happy Halloween!

I don't have a die-cutting machine of any Cricut, no BigShot, no nothing!  (You feeling sorry for me yet?).  However, I did "inherit" (aka Got It For FREE) a QuicKutz Squeeze.  Have you seen these things?  Well, here's a picture in case you haven't.
I put a pair of scissors next to it so you could see how huge this thing is!  (My husband saw it sitting on the desk and said, "What is this thing?  It looks like it belongs in my garage!"  I guess my 3-year-old heard him because later that day she saw me using it and said, "That's for daddy's garage!" :))  Regardless of looks or size, I'm growing to love it...since it's all I've got right now!  And it was FREE!  The dies you use are only $5-$15 each.  Sure beats Cricut cartridges at $89 a pop!  Ridiculous!  So I went online and ordered me some dies for my squeeze since I had none (except a purse die which was given to me and is adorable, but I wanted some Holiday-themed dies).  You are limited to ordering a certain size (the small size) since the squeeze will only fit one size.  But they're really the perfect size for note cards!  All you do is slide your die and paper into the slot and SQUEEZE! 

I'll be showcasing the cards I make with each die over the course of this week.  We'll start off with 3 right now; Apron, Mug and Stocking.
 Here's the Apron:
That card was starting to give me a headache after a while, with all the patterns going don't look at it for too long.  The paper was from the "Modern Homemaker" stack by October Afternoon.

I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do, so ended up with a bit of a hot mess!  Here's a closeup of the Apron.
Next we have the Stocking die:
I used "Season's Greetings" stack by Echo Park on this one.

And last, we have the Mug:
I love this little guy because you can leave out the "marshmallows" (pop dots) and it can be tea or coffee!  Here's a close-up:
The paper I used for this was "December 25th" by KaiserCraft.  Really cute stuff!

That's it for now!

Happy Crafting!

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