Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Results of the Garage Make-Over Revealed

The final day was a doozie!  We started off with donuts from the local bakery and they were fabulous.  How could this not be fabulous?!
Sorry it's sideways!  The sugar rush from this baby was all I needed to get me rev'd up for the yard sale we had ahead of us!  People came, people bought...

Even Kasey Kahne stopped by for a looky-loo!

Sister was quite smitten! :)  And we had fabulous helpers...

And new friends were made...

All in all, it was a good sale.  We made enough to get shelving for the garage to put our friend's "keep" suff on.  We're thankful for our brother coming down to help put shelves together.  And I was especially thankful his wife came as well as she is so good with Olivia and was a huge help in keeping her occupied so I could help out with the final stages of the garage makeover!

So here's the moment we were all waiting for...the final results!
Here's a reminder of the before...

And now...Look, a car in the garage!  Imagine that!
So glad that's done.  And super glad we got done early so we could head home early!  Looking forward to being in my own bed again and seeing my hubby...and being back in my craft room to blog about cards again and not garages!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Whaddya say we go get shellacked?

  2. I'm so getting shellacked tomorrow!

  3. maybe i need to hire your group to organize my craft "room" :o)

  4. I'm going to murder you for putting that pic up of me in my glasses. I did not give my permission! ;P