Friday, October 7, 2011

The Great Garage Clean-Out!

I'm at a "friend's" house this week (she has asked her identify to be withheld) helping clean out her garage.  As you can see, it is packed full!  

This isn't a 2-man job, so along for the ride is my sister, her 2 kids and for entertainment purposes, my 3-year-old daughter.  Day one was Wednesday.  Amazingly, we got all but the back corner of the garage pulled out and gone through. We had "keep," "sell," and "trash" piles.  Our plan was to price as we go on the "sell" items and on Saturday we'll be having a yard sale.  With the proceeds from the sale, we'll go purchase shelving and tubs to put the "keep" items that don't go back in the house right away.  And voila, she will be able to use her garage as a....well, a garage!

Here we are on day 1 and already half way through!

I'm using the word "we" a lot, but let me tell you, my sister and her daughter did the majority of the work (besides the "friend," of course).  I had to bring my work with me (we traveled out of state to do this) and had to work in the afternoons.  And since I'm completely terrified of spiders/dead rodents, my brave, valiant sister was the one inside the garage pulling it all out.  She. Is. My. Hero!  She should be everyone's hero...she's awesome and amazing!

Wednesday we amazingly got through all but one little corner of the garage.  So Thursday we finished up that corner and went to get tubs to start filling them up with "keep" stuff.  Today, Friday, we got all the "keep" in tubs or back in the house, the huge trash pile is being hauled off and we're putting our garage sale items on tables in the garage so we'll just have to pull them out to the yard tomorrow morning for the big sale! 

Here's some candid shots of the amazing garage clean-out crew!  First, my hero, my sister doing the dirty, and I do mean dirty, work!
Next, my nephew, contemplating....
Next, my daughter and a new-found treasure.

Can't wait to show you the "after" tomorrow!

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Happy Crafting!

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  1. What??????????? Great Garage Clean Out??????????? I thought y'all were laying around eating bonbons! :o)
    Hope your "friend" appreciates all the hard work.
    And..........a BIG round of applause to Rita!! She's my hero too.