Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank You!

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to make a Thank You card for a fabulous lady (and her husband) who opened their home to me and my daughter when we were out of town.  She's an excellent seamstress and quilter.  Her work is flawless.  She even put a new zipper in my daughter's Spiderman Halloween costume while we were there!  Another reason for a Thank You card!

This is the first one I did and just wasn't all that thrilled with it.  (Inspiration was lacking).

I really wanted to do more of a "sewing" theme, though.  That's when I came across my Mind's Eye Lost & Found "Madison Avenue" paper with this fabulous sewing form on one of the papers.  And this ensued:
After I was done I noticed a new square punch I had purchased recently and was wanting to use it, so made a quick and simple Christmas card. 
It's almost a little too plain for me.  Needs something around the edges or something??

Oh well, that's it for today.  If you need more inspiration and a laugh or two, check out my wonderful friend, Donna's blog

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Thanks for "advertising" my blog :o)

    That Christmas card is so cute - I'm going to do one! I don't think it needs something around the edges. However, if you want to try something next time, either smudge ink around the edges or if you have a small snowflake stamp, you could stamp that around the edges.....letting some of them fall off the edges of the paper (if you know what I mean). Both of the the thank you cards are too cute also!