Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Christmas Planner

When I saw this post of a Christmas Planner at Eighteen25's blog, I knew this was the absolute next thing I wanted to make!   So I did!  I bought a $0.99 Composition notebook from Target...

...and used my 12x12 Season's Greetings Collection Kit I bought at my first ever trip to an Archiver's (love!).  See, Aunt Donna, told you I needed more Christmas paper! :)  This is my absolute favorite Christmas paper so far.  I ran out of my 6x6 pad, so I upgraded to the 12x12 collection kit!  So glad I did.

I really enjoyed decorating the front and back of the notebook.  I had so much more room than a was fun being able to have more room to be creative on!

Here's the front:

 Here's the back:
I made tabs for "Calendar," "To Do," "The List", "Cards" and "Menu."

On the inside cover I put a folder for my "Coupons!"
And then on the inside back cover I put a folder for my "Receipts."
For instructions, just go here and then get your planner made!

Hope you get a chance to get your craft on this weekend!


  1. wow, that is gorgeous and impressive!

  2. I love this! I am SO doing this for my Thanksgiving and Christmas food lists, recipes, menus, guest lists, calendar, pictures of food, etc.

  3. The Christmas planner is TOO CUTE! You also need to make a "birthday planner" with calendar pages noting birthdays, a page for "gift ideas", an envelope for coupons to use and another envelope for receipts. And maybe you could incorporate some kind of envelopes for holding the HANDMADE BIRTHDAY CARDS!!!!
    just sayin'

  4. Thanks Diddle! Aunt Donna, sounds like a great project for YOU to make! Go get your craft on...can't wait to see your blog about it! :)