Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paper Star

I wanted to show you this paper star I made.  I saw the instructions for it in the My Minds Eye newsletter (Pg 7).  I've been wanting to do more paper crafting projects besides cards, so I thought this would be great. 

I'm not the best at following instructions unless they're minutely detailed and pictures REALLY help!  I'm not sure if this gals' instructions were completely WHACK or I'm just a complete IDIOT (no comments needed to give your opinion on that one), but it took me way longer than probably what was intended to understand the instructions.  I'm pretty sure it's still not exactly like the creator intended, but I still love how it turned out.  I'm pretty sure the next one will go much quicker.  I do want to do more, but I only have one piece of 12x12 double-sided Christmas paper.  Pretty sad, right?  I hope to remedy that today.  :) 

The instructions say to use 6" length, but that seemed a lot smaller than what the picture looked like, so I used 12" strips.  Once I got it done, I realized hers was smaller and that a 6" star would be really cute.  So that's the next thing on my paper crafting "to do" list once I get more paper.  But I'm glad I did a big one.  I think it would look really great as a tree topper!  It would also look great as a "bow" on a present.

--ADDENDUM:  Had time to make a smaller star before this got posted.  Here it is:

It's going to be perfect for bows on my presents!

Now go get your craft on!

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