Saturday, February 4, 2012

Copy-Cat: Fabric Pom-Pom Necklace

So I found THIS tutorial on how to make an Anthropologie-inspired Pom Pom Bib Necklace.  I'm not a jewelry person...can't stand to wear it actually.  Except for my wedding ring, of course.  So for me to love any kind of necklace, is pretty amazing.  I LOVED this necklace! 

My sister's birthday was coming up, so I decided to make one for her.  I loved the grey in the tutorial, and my sister is all about grey, so that's the color I went looking for at the fabric section in Wal-Mart.  Yes, Wal-Mart.  We don't have cool stores like Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann's in our town, so I was really happy Wal-Mart brought back fabric to their stores!  It's a pretty dismal selection, but I found just what I was looking for without having to drive 20 minutes to Jo-Ann's in the next town.  Yay!

And here's how the necklace turned out.
The lighting is so awful...sorry about that!  I had material left over, so I used the same concept except used a bigger piece of felt underneath and made a matching hair clipee.
Can't wait to make a necklace for me! :)

Hope you get a chance to get your craft on this weekend!

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