Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinterest--Pinned It, Done It!

I thought I would show some things I not only pinned, but acted upon by making it, baking it or buying it!

First of all, on my "Craft Rooms" board, I pinned this:
Here's the link:

I bought one of these and I LOVE it!  My husband was super shocked and stoked that I wanted to go to a hardware store.  :)  Luckily, we have one of the stores Kinsey mentioned in her blog nearby and they had one in stock. Score!

On to the "Food/Drinks" board.  Made this dish for dinner the other night:
It's "Loaded Baked Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole" and it was scruptious!  This will definitely be a regular at our dinner table.  Here's the link to the recipe:

I LOVE peanut butter!  Especially desserts where the main ingredient is peanut butter.  Here's something that caught my eye and I pinned.
Love how she calls these "holy crap these are amazing cookies!" cookies!  Here's the link:

I was short on corn syrup, unbeknownst to me when I started making them, so mine turned out a little dry and didn't stick together very good, but even so, they were still yummy!  Can't wait to make them again with all the right measurements.  I've got a full bottle of corn syrup just waiting to be opened for this very purpose! :)

Next, on to "Baby Shower Ideas" board.  I'm due around Thanksgiving so I've got baby shower on the brain!  My theme is "baby giraffe."  I wanted to make my own invitations.  Here's the pin where I got my inspiration:
There's no link associated with the pin, just the following caption:  Invites for baby shower for boy by Ashley Kate Designs. Giraffe theme.

I just went off it visually to make my own. (I'm having a boy as well).  Here's my invite:
Loved how they turned out.  They were easy to mass produce, too!

On to my "Fall Decorating/Craft Ideas" board.  Knew I'd be all over this one when I saw it.  It's just like the felt heart I made HERE...only it's a felt pumpkin!

Here's the pinterest one:
Here's the link on how to make it:

And here's mine:
So fun.  Olivia (my 4-year-old) even helped fold the felt for me...and I didn't even have to redo it before I pinned it! :)

I try not to pin things I don't see myself doing...eventually.  As I was reviewing my boards working on this post, it got me excited to do more of the other things I've got pinned.  I'm sure I'll have another post similar to this one in the near future!

Go get your Pin on!

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