Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby Shower

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My wonderful friends/church family had a baby shower for me this past weekend.  I'm due to have a baby boy (Micah) around Thanksgiving.  The shower was so lovely and I was blown away by all the amazing gifts showered on me!

Since I love crafting, I made a couple of my own decorations. :)  First up was this Diaper Motorcycle (as opposed to a diaper cake), since we are having a boy AND my husband is a motorcycle enthusiast (I am too, but I don't ride now that I'm a mother).

The theme was baby giraffes with browns, yellows and oranges as the color themes.  I got the instructions on how to do a diaper motorcycle HERE.

Next, I made a banner for the mantle.
The colors just happened to go great with our hostess' fall decor!  Bonus!

I also put together a game to play.  I'm not (and I don't think most people are) huge fans of baby shower games, but I think I found one that everyone will love!  At least everyone at the shower loved it and said it needed to be played at every baby shower (we have LOTS of baby showers at our church).  So, yeah, I think it's a good one!  I got the idea and instructions on how to make it on Calico & Cupcakes blog HERE.  She calls it the "Fun Candy Bar/Memory Card Shower Game."

Here's the memory board I made:

Behind each number is a word that you're trying to find the match for.  If you get the match, you get a candy prize that "coordinates" with that word (see below for words and prizes).

Chiara (at Calico & Cupcakes) covered a board with wrapping paper, but I found these great poster/foam boards at Hobby Lobby which come in all sorts of colors, so no need to cover!  I got one in tan to go with my color them.  I love them because they're thick and sturdy but super lightweight!

I also velcro'd every "door," every word behind each door, velcro'd the "doors" shut and velcro'd the numbers on each "door."  Here's what I mean:
I figure if I'm going to this much trouble to make this game, it should be able to be used over and over.  But I thought it would be nice to be able to change out the color of things to match each shower.  Thus, the Velcro makes it all easy to interchange!

This game can also be used for a wedding shower...just change out the words!

Here are the ideas Chiara had for baby and wedding showers...along with the candy prize for each.  These are fabulous!

Dirty Diaper--Tootsie Roll
Breastfeeding--Milky Way or Milk Duds
Daddy--Pop Rocks OR Sugar Daddy
Ultrasound--Look Candybar
Baby Giggles--Chuckles Gummy Candies or Snickers
College Fund--100 Grand Bar
Preemie--Runts Candies
Ob Gyn--Butterfinger (gross, but it always gets a good laugh)
Contractions--Whoppers Candy
Colic--Cry Babies Candies
Aspirator--Goobers chocolate candies

 Diamond--Ring Pop
Groom--Mr. Goodbar or Big Hunk
Commitment--Now and Laters
Honeymoon--Red Hots
Argument--Warheads or Rocky Road
Love--Good N Plenty
Babies--Junior Mints or Runts
Wedding Night--Skor Bar
Hugs and Kisses--Hershey's Hugs and Kisses

Couldn't be more blessed by such a wonderful church family!  It was such a lovely shower and a great time of fellowship!

To see one of the fabulous home-made cards I received from a dear friend and fellow crafter/blogger, go HERE and check out her blog, the card AND enter her 1-year blogiversary giveaway!  Let me know if you win!


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