Saturday, January 12, 2013

MME Has It Going On!

I am a HUGE MME (My Mind's Eye) fan!  Love all their fabulous 6x6 pads!  But they have so much more...that I need to start hoarding along with their 6x6's! :)

As you're bound to know, winter CHA starts today.  One of these days, I would love to attend a CHA event!  Even though most of us can't attend, I think it's so cool how the various companies show us the new products on their blogs that they'll be showcasing at CHA. With that in mind, I wanted to highlight MME's new 6x6 paper pads they're showcasing.

Collectable - Remarkable and Unforgettable:

Remarkable 6x6 pad:
Unforgettable 6x6 pad:
Are these papers not gorgeous?!  Go HERE to check out coordinating stamps, decorative tapes, brads, pins, etc.

Next up is their Collectable - Notable and Memorial

Notable 6x6 pad:
Memorial 6x6 pad:
Go HERE to check out coordinating enamel dots, stickers, buttons, chipboard, etc.

Check out their decorative tape sets!
As if I needed another reason to be addicted to washi tape!

And 2 more new collections....My Girl and Boy Crazy!

Here's the My Girl 6x6 pad:
Here's the Boy Crazy 6x6 pad:

Go HERE to check out all the fabulous coordinating embellishments!

It's impossible to name my favorite because, seriously, they're all so AWESOME!  I want them all! :)
What's your favorite?

Have a great weekend!

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