Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

I thought I would share of a few favorite things that have come into my life this week.

First off, *LOVE* these vintage-looking tins from Hobby Lobby.  Currently half off and so inexpensive to begin with!

They will be great to put my homemade 3-layer fudge in that I make only at Christmas and is anxiously awaited by family members all year long!  It really is quite delicious!  Like slap your grandma delicious.

Next up is this fabulous Christmas stamp I just happened to notice on a lower shelf at JoAnn's the other day.  I'm literally in love it...leaving my husband and marrying it kind of love!

And last, but not least is a little something I threw together last night.  My very own cute washi tape holder!  Good-bye ugly hanger...hello cuteness!

My bestest crafting buddy, Donna, sent me a link to one of these and I knew it was something I could handle as far as making myself and inexpensive at that. 
Frame (half off at Hobby Lobby)
Dowel rods
Clear command hangers
I added a piece of pattern cardstock trimmed with washi tape to the back panel
And that's it!

Of course, if I would have had the patience to paint my frame and dowel rods, it would be way cuter, but I was too excited to get it put together and see my washi on it!  I love it!  I can either stand it up on the shelf with my other crafting supplies or hang it on the wall. 

Thanks to my hubby for cutting the dowel rods for me.  He put some serious sweat, blood and tears into sawing off those dowel rods.  Maybe I won't leave him after all. :)

What are your favorite things?  I might need to make them my favorite things too!

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