Thursday, October 6, 2011

Waterfall Christmas Card

My fabulous friend and fellow cardmaker (still without a blog), Donna, left me a comment to check out waterfall cards.  I had never heard of them so I googled "Waterfall Cards Tutorial."  There are a couple good ones out there.  They looked super cute so I had to try one right away.  Of course, I went for a Christmas theme. :)
 I used my Stampin' Up "Merry and Type" stamps and Echo Park's "Season's Greetings" paper.  After I finished it and made it do the "waterfall," I kept saying (out loud), "I can't believe it works...I can't believe it works!"  I usually totally screw up "fancy" stuff like this. :)  So if I can do it (and on the first try), so can you!
I had to do a little video so you could see it in action.
Can't wait to do a bunch more of these...for all sorts of themes!

Happy Crafting!

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