Monday, December 5, 2011

Handmade Birthday Cards and Decorations Anyone?

Last week was my birthday and I wanted to share the amazing handmade cards I received from family.  First up, my Aunt Donna.  Who, by the way, has a fun blog should check it out here!
Love the paper combos and how she put "Happy" on the scallop punch.  So cute! Thank you, Aunt Donna!

Next up is a super sweet and cute card by my niece, JRae!  Who, by the way, has a stupid good blog.  Check it out here!
The "You're My Favorite..." is an inside joke with us.  Love it!  Thank you, Jettie Rae!

Next, my talented mother's card.  You can check her blog out here....just kidding.  She doesn't have a blog. :)
Love the paper combos and especially the textured background paper.  I REALLY need to get me a die-cutting machine!  This card is so pretty and feminine!  Thank you, Mommy!

And last, but certainly not least, my Diddle!  That would be "Sister" to the rest of the world.  She's too busy being fabulous at everything she does to blog!  I'm not being sarcastic...I'm serious!
She's the pretty one on the right.  I had totally forgotten that we had these pictures made...mostly because we only got one copy and she took them home.  Out of sight, out of mind for me.  These were taken at a photo booth at a friend's wedding a couple years back.
I love her square lips and cross eyes in the second shot!  She's so cool!
Bestest, awesomest card ever!  Thank you, Diddle!

Now, to figure out a way to display them in my craft room so I can see them everyday and so others can see them when they come over as well!  Any ideas?

I also decided to make my own decorations for my birthday party.  I had everyone over for a little Mexican fare.  The theme for my decorations was "pennants and pinwheels!"  Go figure! :)  Here's my wall of pennant banners with a few pinwheels thrown in for good measure.

The bottom two pennants are SO EASY to make!  You just need a pad of 6x6 paper.  Free-hand a "V" on one piece of paper and then use that cut-out as your pattern for the other ones.  Cut as many as you want...depending on how long you want your banner.  Next, just punch holes at each end and string them together with some jute twine.
This one I actually sewed ribbon onto the paper.  It was my first time using my sewing machine in 2 years (and even then I think I only used it a couple times), so I was really happy it turned out as good as it did...but wasn't ready to do all of them that way.  Jute was way easier!
I also decided to add some tissue paper flowers with balloons. 
A view into my Christmas-themed living room. :)

I scored some really fantastic crafting supplies and fabulous gift cards to fabulous craft addition to all those fabulous handmade cards!  It was a wonderful evening with wonderful people.  I'm so blessed!

Now go get YOUR craft on!

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